Christina Harmon

Clinical Expertise

Christina (Tina) Harmon has a passion to support her clients by using the various tools, philosophies, and knowledge base of Ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Christina incorporates breath awareness, postural awareness, Qi Gong exercises, as well as stretching and strengthening specific to the needs of the individual. Tina will often use tuning forks; apply cupping, moxa, and essential oils in treatments. She also incorporates dietary and nutritional counselling, as well as a lifestyle into her care plan.

Tina provides care for chronic and acute pain conditions such as back pain, sciatica, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and wrist and ankle pain. She enjoys working with women experiencing hormone imbalances, menopause, PMS, dysmenorrheal, and fertility support. Tina has had success in supporting fatigue conditions, allergies, frequent colds/flu’s, insomnia, and depression.

She is certified in

• Sotai: is a Japanese form of neuromuscular retraining and movement therapy that is used for all types of pain conditions as well as structure alignment.
• Craniosacral I: supporting the balancing of the cranial pulse to allow greater integration of the acupuncture as well as opening blockages in the body. Very effective in cases of migraines, headaches, stress, and other forms of pain.
• Dr. Richard Tan’s techniques as well as Master Tung’s points and protocols.
• Taoist meditative practices from the Universal Tao Center – which supports the integration of the acupuncture treatments and understanding of the mind/ body connection.
• 5 Element theory and treatments: supporting mood and emotional balancing
• Shonishin Japanese Pediatric acupuncture: using gentle non- needle insertion that works with the channels and the fascia to support the body’s growth processes.

Philosophy of Care

“It is through observing and Listening to the imbalances of the Body that we get to acknowledge what is needed to support Harmony and Balance. Connecting, Releasing and igniting our internal wisdom brings us to our full potential.”


Tina received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree combined in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington in 2007. Tina began her undergraduate education at UAA in Anchorage. Inspired in the area of Exercise Science and Nutrition, she continued her education at Bastyr University in Washington.

Extracurricular Activities & Personal Interests

Tina continues to be a part of NCCAOM – the Alaska Acupuncture Association and supports educating the public and herself together with her colleges in the Anchorage and Girdwood area.

Tina was born and raised in Alaska and thrives in the great outdoors with all the activities Alaska has to offer. She finds happiness in the simple pleasures in life with her family, friends, cat, fiddle, and healthy eating. Tina continues to be inspired by the power of nature and the richness that life has to offer and is here to share that passion.