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Do you find yourself looking at your health care provider in a different light? Are you tired of dealing with acute or chronic health conditions with a provider that doesn’t listen to your needs? Do you feel defeated when it comes to managing long-term health concerns effectively? At Avante Medical Center, LLC we are here to transform the way you see your health care services. Whether you are considering solutions to feel your best or are battling with a debilitating illness, disease, or medical condition, our team of skilled and professional medical providers can approach your needs with world-class medical therapies and techniques to help. We focus on ensuring each of our patients have the solutions they need to address their medical needs and challenges based on their individual situations.

How can Avante Medical Center, LLC help me? 

We have a wide range of providers with specialized training and skills that can be of service to new and established patients. They focus on ensuring a patient’s experience is a positive one. They work routinely with individuals to determine the cause of their concerns and offer a definitive diagnosis. Their goal is to educate, empower, and enrich patient health through professional, caring attention from our experienced team of providers with today’s latest medical advances. 

What are some of the services provided at Avante Medical Center, LLC

Below are just a few of Avante Medical Center’s services:


Annual Preventive Exam

Integrative Oncology Services

Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics

Emsella Incontinence Treatment

Medical Laboratory Services

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Men’s Health

MonaLisa Touch Treatment

Nutritional Therapies

Supplement Program

Whole Family Primary Care

Weight Loss

Women’s Health

Learn more about how the team at Avante Medical Center, LLC can help you feel your best! 

If you are ready to transform your healthcare experience, now is the time to work with the team at Avante Medical Center, LLC in Anchorage, Alaska. Our dedicated team of providers and doctors work closely with patients to ensure they obtain the care they desire with the compassion and skill they deserve. Call 907 770-6700 to request a consultation visit with our team at 915 West Northern Lights Boulevard today! We are open to new and returning patients living with acute or chronic health conditions with comprehensive care.

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Primary Care

Integrative Medicine that combines the time needed to discover the source of your medical condition with a road map for treatment and prevention of acute and chronic illnesses.

Dermatology & Medical Aesthetics

The perfect blend of a traditional Dermatology practice and cutting-edge cosmetic skincare. With a personalized approach to each service we provide, you (and your skin) will leave feeling healthy and happy!

The perfect blend of a traditional Dermatology practice and cutting-edge cosmetic skincare
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Our Mission

We offer Alaskans a world class medical center that is focused on providing outstanding care to our clients living with acute and chronic health challenges; our approach is tailored to each individual’s medical needs.

We focus on the value of our clients’ experience. We have found that ample time spent with our exceptional medical providers results in thorough and comprehensive medical care.

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