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Anchorage, AK cancer treatment services

Have you or a loved one been recently diagnosed with cancer and seek guidance or a new direction in your cancer care? Are you looking for advice in determining top cancer therapies inside Alaska, the US, and overseas? Have you seen out-of-state integrative cancer centers advertising holistic treatment options, and you would like an unbiased opinion on their validity? Dr. Jason Harmon can help you navigate your options and assist you in putting together a world-class medical team in Anchorage, Alaska, or abroad if needed.

Schedule a treatment guidance appointment with Dr. Harmon to discuss your cancer treatment options and the best therapies available today globally, both conventional and integrative cancer therapy. Dr. Harmon’s 22 years of working in Alaska, across the US, and around the globe in integrative oncology allows for a unique and impactful contribution when deciding on what therapies are best suited for your specific cancer. These appointments are for 60 minutes. It is crucial to provide all appropriate medical documents (office visit notes, pathology notes, scan results, etc.) at least three days before the visit so Dr. Harmon can be prepared and maximize the quality of your consultation.

Starting cancer treatment and would like an integrative cancer specialist on your team?

Do you need help with side effect prevention after cancer treatment, optimization of conventional therapies, assurance that natural/integrative therapies will not interfere with your other medical treatments, help to rebuild the body during and after treatment, etc.?

Schedule a medical appointment with Dr. Harmon to examine your entire body and optimize your outcomes and health during and after cancer treatment. Our goal is to help you thrive during treatment and to rebuild a better you afterward. In cases where long-term or lifelong treatment is required, Dr. Harmon works to help you support your body and optimize your health to best fight your cancer, improve your quality of life, and feel better. He provides a complete assessment of your cancer diagnosis, treatment options, treatment side effect reduction, addresses the entire body’s health, and provides guidance to optimize:

Conventional and integrative cancer therapy assessment and recommendations

Cancer treatment navigation options for treatments that are available in Alaska, the US, and abroad.

Reduction of side effects from cancer therapy. 

Diet and nutrition

Genetic assessment to individualize the best medicines for you during and after treatment.

Additional services for patients living with or rebuilding after cancer:

Physical medicine. Body pain? 

ART/Myofascial therapist and acupuncturist are available for your care. Surgery, radiation, and other cancer treatments can lead to structural changes that cause pain and discomfort. Get moving and out of pain now!

Mental health services. If needed, meet with a psychiatric nurse practitioner skilled in medication intervention for you or those impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

Diet and nutrition consult. Meet with a dietician in creating meal plans to build optimal health for those diagnosed with cancer. Whole foods, excellent proteins and fats, and fibre-rich carbs will be infused into your diet plan.

Genetic guidance for foods and health. Target gene-specific nutrients, vitamins, medications, and foods with our specialist with over 30 years in the field of medicine.

Primary care services that incorporate the whole body. Avante has some of Alaska’s most experienced practitioners.

How to find a board-certified specialist in oncology

Contact Dr. Jason Harmon today to book your consultation appointment! You can reach him at 907 931-7740.


Dr. Shauna Birdsall

One of the nation’s top naturopathic oncology specialists is right here in Alaska, available to you!

Dr. Birdsall provides integrative cancer support for patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as those who have completed their cancer therapy. Her extensive experience in integrative oncology, enables patients’ access to up to date information on “alternative” and integrative cancer therapies that have been researched worldwide. The goal is to provide support to thrive during treatment and rebuild after and for those living with cancer, to optimize health and improve one’s quality of life.

  • Birdsall will take a complete look at your health and incorporate safe and effective suggestions to thrive during and after treatment.
  • Many alternative and integrative therapies should not be taken during treatment, but rather should be reserved for after therapy. Dr. Birdsall will cover what is safe to take during and what is best taken when treatment is concluded.
  • Please bring in all your supplements and alternative therapies to your appointment. Dr. Birdsall will go through each one and describe their function and appropriate dose.
  • You are welcome to bring family or friends and/or record the appointments.
  • Birdsall will work closely with your entire oncology team to provide comprehensive, head to toe care.

Dr. Birdsall’s background

Shauna has practiced integrative cancer care as the sole focus of her practice since 2000. Dr. Birdsall graduated from National University of Natural Medicine as a naturopathic physician in Oregon and then completed a residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Illinois. Dr. Birdsall was among the first in the nation to be board certified in Naturopathic Oncology in 2007. Dr. Birdsall has published multiple articles, research abstracts, and posters at national conferences. She frequently speaks at conferences to healthcare professionals and enjoys giving talks to patient groups. She is dedicated to supporting patients through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. Dr. Birdsall is strongly committed to providing individualized, compassionate, evidence-based care to empower and provide hope to cancer patients. In 2019, Dr. Birdsall joined the Alaska Cyberknife Center within Advanced Oncology Associates and the team at Avante Medical Center, providing integrative cancer support for patients undergoing cancer treatment as well as those who have completed their treatment. She works collaboratively with each patient’s team of healthcare providers and focuses on educating her patients to best navigate their
integrative medicine options. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and Bernese Mountain dog, horseback riding, traveling and cooking.