Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Restore balance in the body, while relaxing the mind. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine provides a unique avenue for restoring balance in the body, while relaxing the mind. For more than 5000 years, Chinese Medicine has provided powerful tools to aid the body’s return to balance, by stimulating meridians and supporting the body’s foundational substances: Qi, Blood, Jing, Yin, and Yang. The result is a powerful comprehensive medicine that has the ability to create balance and healing where many other therapies fail.

Acupuncture treatment at avante medical center

Acupuncture is a great conjunctive therapy to all other forms of health care. It benefits conditions such as:

Woman’s Health Issues: Menopause, PMS, Infertility, Menstrual Irregularities, Painful Menstruations, or Amenorrhea (no menstruation).

Pain – acute (recent injury) and chronic.

Treat areas of the body such as Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Knees, Elbow, Ankle, Headaches, and Abdominal Pain.

Disorders such as Fibromyalgia, and various Neurological Disorders.

Fatigue, Stress, and Anxiety: Adrenal Fatigue, Dizziness, Irritability, Shakiness, Insomnia, Tinnitus, and Digestive Issues.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

At Avante, our acupuncturist strives to provide comprehensive care, taking into account the whole person, while educating patients about balance, healthy lifestyle habits, nutrition, and dietary supplementations. She combines hands-on physical therapy, nutritional recommendations, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture individualized for the specific needs of the patient. This experience is exceptionally effective and is truly a unique experience.

Chinese herbs and acupuncture are individualized for the specific needs of the patient, tapping into the wisdom of the body, creating balance, and stimulating inner strength can be such a fulfilling experience! If you have always wanted to try acupuncture but were afraid, this is the place.

Acupuncture treatment at avante medical center

I was afraid of needles, but Tina made me feel so comfortable. She worked with me for over 1 ½ hrs. It was amazing! Thank you Tina!” – JH