The importance of an annual preventive exam with Anchorage, AK area professional

Getting an annual general health checkup is an integral part of maintaining your overall health. By visiting your primary care provider yearly, you can take a proactive approach to live a long and healthy life. At Avante Medical Center in Anchorage, AK, our doctors can provide an annual preventative examination.

What is considered an annual preventative examination?

Please note, patients must understand that an annual preventative examination does not include discussions of new medical problems or a detailed review of older ones. This classification is not set by Avante Medical Center but instead is an explicit directive from the insurance companies. If Avante Medical Center does not follow this directive, it can result in the receipt of a denial of payment for the visit or laboratory fees and can be viewed as insurance fraud. Thank you in advance for understanding.

What are some examples of non-covered services during an annual preventive visit?

Below are services that are not covered by insurance under the annual preventative examination:

Treatment of ongoing health problems

Medical concerns regarding past or new medical conditions

New healthcare problems found during the examination

Labs needed for new or ongoing medical conditions

What may be incorporated into my annual preventive visit?

General physical examination

Breast examination

Preventative labs


Pelvic examination and annual pap smear

Update of work and life situations

Update of family history (with any new serious illnesses)

Review of current health history

Update of medications, supplements, and herbs are taken regularly

Medication refills that do not require labs

Evaluation of health screening tests based on age (colon cancer screening, STD testing, etc.)

What happens if a health problem comes up during the annual preventive examination?

You and your provider can decide whether to use the appointment to address the new problem. If you choose to do so, we will reschedule your annual preventive examination appointment, and the current visit will be billed as a routine office visit through your insurance. That also applies to new labs that you might need for the new condition. Because of insurance contract requirements, we cannot perform both the annual preventive examination and the discussion of treatment for new conditions during the same time.

Learn more about the benefits of a general health checkup

At Avante Medical Center, we encourage patients to be proactive about their overall health and wellness. Our team of professionals in Anchorage, AK, can provide annual preventive visits with a wellness checkup as patients need. Contact our office by calling 907 770-6700 and visiting 915 West Northern Lights Boulevard.