Treat the whole person:

 Avante provides care for the entire family: children, adolescents, adults, and elders. At Avante, we strive to treat you and your family.  Often, when you experience illness, especially chronic illness, your ailments are broken down and compartmentalized; this is a byproduct of our modern health care system. This system can leave you feeling that your care is fragmented and non-effectual.

At Avante, our providers see and treat you as a whole person; implementing comprehensive care, utilizing the most modern and effective treatments available today, allowing you and your family to achieve optimal health.

Choose the most effective, least invasive therapy possible:

The Avante provider’s philosophy is to implement effective non-invasive therapies first. Avante is NOT anti-medication, but rather chooses less invasive options and lifestyle modifications/education whenever possible to prevent or postpone the need for prescriptive medications. Often, this means a non-drug, front-line treatment. We know that this is not possible in many cases, so prescriptive medications must be utilized to effect change or to continue care from other clinics.  

Avante’s Medical Doctor and Advanced Nurse Practitioners prescribe prescription medications when necessary. This is generally accompanied by a plan with the intent, if at all possible, to one day not require medications. This allows you and your entire family access to comprehensive care under one roof, with a team committed to finding the cause and solutions to your health challenges with the least invasive, but most effective medical treatments available today.

Time allows us to treat the cause of complex medical conditions:

At Avante, your first office visit will take between 1- 1.5 hours, depending on the provider, with return visits ranging between 30 and 60 minutes. Our providers take time to thoroughly study you, your history, and search for the origins of your illness; unless you’re just in need of treatment for an urgent or acute matter, a 15-minute office visit rarely provides this opportunity and leaves a patient to be treated just for their symptoms, rather than the underlying cause of their illness.

Why just scratch the surface with your current medical provider when you can take the time with one of Avante’s providers to seek out the cause and find lasting improved health?