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Women's Health & Pediatrics

avante_photo17Women’s health care is one of our primary specialties at Avante, whether you are 14 years old or 80 years young.

Having numerous experienced medical practitioners specializing in women's health, Avante's female patients have access to the best modern therapies available today. Our providers tailor a specific health program/treatment plan that is unique to each of our clients. From yearly exams, weight loss, hormone balancing, to the most advanced medical technology available today, we offer our female clients exceptional comprehensive care.  

If you are seeking support for menopausal symptom relief, we provide many options that our clients have found extremely effective. Lifestyle and dietary support, orthomolecular therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, etc., can be used when appropriate to create balance and symptom relief.  Many of our providers are considered experts in prescribing bio-identical hormone replacement in Alaska.

All the women's health care providers at Avante provide routine screening services such as physical exams, pap smears, and breast exams. They order laboratory testing, breast diagnostics, recommend pelvic ultrasounds, and refer to gynecologists and other specialists when appropriate.

Bio-Identical Hormones:

Bio-Identical Hormones are hormones that are molecularly the same chemical shape as the hormones the body normally produces. When hormone levels are low, many people do not experience optimal health. By using small amounts of bio-identical hormones, to replace what is deficient, people often feel better, as balance is safely restored in the body. Most commonly patients report, "I feel like myself again."

Bio-identical hormones are manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab. The lab takes natural wild yam (Dioscorea) or soy and converts them into the chemical shape that mimics the body’s own hormones. Compounding pharmacies then use these hormones to create a base for administration. As a result there are numerous combinations and ways of administering hormones to provide the ideal and personalized dose to an individual's specific need. Hormones are available in pill form, topical creams, under the tongue (sublingual), vaginal suppositories, or gel. Bio-identical hormones most commonly prescribed include: estrogen (Bi-Est), progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and pregnenalone.


A proper balance is required for both attaining pregnancy as well as maintaining a healthy, successful pregnancy and birth. Our providers specialize in assisting women and their partners, with the balancing of lifestyle, hormones, nutrition, and other important aspects of attaining and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. This care is based upon a comprehensive approach while working together with your entire medical team to meet you and your family's needs.


avante_photo11Children and Teenagers:

From early childhood sniffles, to teen acne, to balancing the mind and emotions of your children and teens, Avante's providers work to foster a relationship of education and health with you and your family. We offer both primary care as well as consulting work, as your children grow, to assist in education and empowerment during these important years.