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Myofascial Trigger Point Demystified

Myofascial Trigger Point Demystified

What the heck are myofascial trigger points, what do they do, how do you get them, and what can you do about them?

avante photo13What it is? 
• Myo – Prefix denoting a relationship to muscle.
• Fascia – A sheet of connective tissue that connects every cell, tissue, and structure in the body. It is in and around every muscle, bone, organ, and nerve. This is the shiny white fiber you see when you pull the skin away from chicken. It supports, stabilizes, and cushions the body. It separates the vessels, organs, bones, and muscles.
• Trigger Point – Hyperirritable spots in the muscle that are associated with nodules in a taut band of muscle fiber.

What do they do?
• Cause Pain
• Restricted or Distorted ROM (range of motion)
• Muscle Weakness
• Stiffness
• Mimic other Diagnosed Pain Syndromes (ex: carpal tunnel, sciatica, bursitis, headache)

How do you get them? (Short List)
• Direct Trauma
• Repetitive Motion
• Lack of Movement
• Inflammation
• Stress
• Other Trigger Points

Please make sure to receive treatments from a Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. They can be found at http://www.myofascialtherapy.org/find-a-therapist/index.html

Avante has three myofascial triggerpoint therapists here to help you feel your best.  Call to schedule an appointment today!


Boost Your Immune System with Acupuncture

avante photo12Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be great tools to help support the immune system this Fall.  Beat that cold off before it even begins.  By tonfiying the Lung and Kidney qi you can boost your energy and immune system before going into the winter.  Also, supporting the body with warming herbs and acupuncture can promote better circulation, energy and quality rest.

Call Avante to schedule your appointment with Tina Jess, LAc today!

For more information on acupuncture and your immune system,  read the article found below:


A new way to work out

Burst training!  Ever heard of it?  avante photo4

It’s a series of quick high intensity “all out” exercise followed by a short recovery period.  This style of workout has long been a part of the elite athlete training schedule and has just recently become more popular for “the rest of us” recreational athletes.  It usually entails some sort of anaerobic burst activity for 30-90 seconds with about a minute of rest, repeated 10 or more times.  

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Picking your Allergy-Friendly Pet

avante photo19Dogs and cats can be a wonderful part of our family. Unfortunatley for some these fluffy creatures are also a cause of allergy symptoms. If you, or a loved one is considering getting a pet but have someone in the household that is an allergy sufferer consider the right type of breed. No dog or cat are considered hypoallergenic, but some breeds may be more tolerable.

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A Good Night Sleep

“The best possible sleeping posture is on the back (supine) in a firm bed with adequate support of the cervical lordosis.  One solution for stomach sleepers is to have them use pillows under the chest to minimize head rotation. Side sleepers should concentrate on having sufficient pillow support between the head and neck not (squashed down by) the shoulder, a bed that supports the spine in a neutral position.

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