Christina Murphy, ND

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Murphy completed her clinical training in San Diego, California. In addition to her medical training, Dr. Murphy is also trained in clinical pharmacognosy, intravenous therapy, platelet-rich plasma facial skin pen treatments, hair and facial PRP injections for hair growth and skin rejuvenation, prolotherapy joint injections in the upper and lower extremities, visceral manipulation, and craniosacral therapy. She was chosen on a scholarship to study Homeopathy with highly renowned and sought-after Dr. Andre Saine in Montreal, Canada. Dr. Murphy worked in integrative urgent care in Encinitas, California, alongside other naturopathic and emergency room physicians. She has worked with the underserved population in Rocky Point, Mexico, volunteering with Naturopaths without Borders and underprivileged communities in parts of San Diego, CA. Dr. Murphy’s approach to healing is integrative and less invasive, focusing on re-establishing the foundations for health.

Dr. Murphy’s has a lifelong love of learning. Currently, her practice involves weight loss, nutrition, and personalized medicine through DNA assessment for individualized lifestyle and medical therapeutic recommendations. She finds that variations in genetic expression have a major impact on health and can use environment and nutraceuticals as ways to modify favorable gene expression resulting in a more effective approach to health maintenance.

While Dr. Murphy is happy to utilize the tools she has available to improve her patient’s health, she is most inspired and sees the greatest transformations by patients who are motivated to make unconventional changes to their own health and well-being by committing to lasting lifestyle modifications and mindset changes that empower them. Dr. Murphy enjoys partnering and working as a team with her patients while challenging them as they ultimately take control of the outcome of their own health with her guidance.


“I believe our greatest wealth lies in our health. We cannot fully live if we are suffering. I approach each person as an individual with unique biochemical characteristics. I believe partnering up with patients, empowering them, and providing a safe space are pivotal to the changes we seek. We each hold the key to healing our entire being, mind, body, and soul and my goal is to help you unlock your optimal health and wellbeing potential.”


Dr. Murphy graduated from the University of Alaska, Anchorage, with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science. She studied at Bastyr University California in San Diego, California, where she earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Murphy continuously adds to her didactic education by regularly attending educational conferences in evidence-based medicine, Functional Medicine, and Integrative Medicine throughout the country. She is a current member of the Academy of Integrated Health and Medicine, the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, and the National Center for Homeopathy.


Dr. Murphy has a strong commitment to volunteering. She enjoys practicing yoga and is a certified RYT 200 yoga instructor. She meditates regularly and loves to travel with her family. Alaskan-born and raised, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, fishing, spending time at the lake, and snowboarding, and she also loves visiting tropical destinations and soaking in the sun, sand, and beaches.