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Our commitment to you:

j harmon"We provide Alaskans effective care for acute and complex medical conditions. We leave no stone unturned, seeking the source and assisting the patient in achieving lasting results. Whether it is a sore throat, an undiscovered diagnosis or a difficult chronic illness, we will provide the right care for you and your family. Together, we will help you realize your best potential."

– Jason Harmon ND, FABNO
Co-Founder and President - Avante Medical Center, LLC

Avante Medical Center, LLC offers Alaskans world-class medical care, providing comprehensive primary care for the entire family. Avante opened in 2002, with a vision to provide Alaskans the best comprehensive medical services found in Alaska. Since our inception, Avante's mission has encouraged healing to occur when one enters our doors. Our two exceptional facilities are designed to offer the best in cutting edge technologies and therapies; often found only in the world’s top tiered hospitals and medical centers. 

About Avante Medical Center

Our patients have access to our extremely experienced medical practitioners (MD, ANPs, NDs, etc.) who combine the time needed to discover the source of your medical condition with a road map for treatment and prevention of acute and chronic illnesses.  Avante's providers encourage active participation between practitioner and patient, a working partnership toward optimal health.

Our medical providers and staff offer a wide variety of specialties; their collaboration allows patients access to a variety of options and choices. This "team approach" creates a more complete experience from what is commonly found in Alaska’s medical centers. Our providers have extended relationships in the medical community within Anchorage and abroad; they are excellent in seeking specialists when necessary and referring out for services that Avante does not offer.  This process  assures that your medical needs will be cared for in an appropriate and timely fashion.

The medical team at Avante is second to noneSimply stated - people come to Avante to get results. Our providers and staff truly embody our mission statement and provide care that allows you to attain the help you need, even when living with the most challenging of medical conditions. Whether it is a cold or flu; sports optimization; weight loss support; or managing a chronic illness, Avante has the staff and services to help you attain peak health and wellness. We get results and our patients get well!

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